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First Impressions' Brewster Brings Design-To-Build Approach To Interior Design Practice
Don't be fooled buy Janice E. Brewster's job title. As an Arizona Interior Designer and the owner of First Impressions Interior Designs, the suggestion is that her expertise is limited to the inside of a house. While her passion and talent for home interior design is remarkable, her proven abilities in guiding a house and the entities involved in building it from dirt lot to masterpiece is another story entirely. It is an all-encompassing approach to architectural interior design that brings disparate elements together in a way few in Brewster's industry can. interior designer.

"My favorite thing in the world is when I have a house coming right out of the ground," she says. "I love the smell of the dirt... I love it all, and everything you see is done by me." The 'everything' Brewster refers to goes far beyond Tuscan design, custom window treatments, or other style choices you might associate with the average interior design professional. Her incredible versatility is showcased in a resume that includes expertise in design-to-build renovation, interior architecture, space planning and finishes, custom furnishings design, coffered ceilings, flooring, lighting and cabinetry design, landscaping and swimming pools. Despite all the experience and expertise at her disposal, Brewster points to her communication skills as the most vital tool in her arsenal.

"Building a home can evolve into a frustrating situation," she explains. "There needs to be a go-between, a guidance counselor if you will, who makes everyone feel as though the process is going smoothly and moving along." Brewster sees her communication skills in dealing with trades, homeowners, architects, etc. as the key to everything she does... even calling it the secret behind her creativity. A look at any of the myriad custom homes she has designed across the country shows that creativity to be at the height of its powers, and reveals an artist able to express herself in a variety of styles customized to capture each client's particular vision.

Her communication skills have also been key in establishing long-term relationships with clients who appreciate her comprehensive approach. It's an approach that stresses the build as much as it does fabulous interiors. Unique for an Interior Designer to be sure, but par for Janice Brewster's course.

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